NJA Dance Uniform

UNIFORM LIST: Please Download our Uniform List from the bottom of the page.

All Pupils are Expected to be Dressed in Correct NJA Uniform at Every lesson with their hair off their faces.


NEW! We Now have our very own ONLINE STORE!

Order your Uniform Online & have it Delivered Directly to your Door!

(New Uniform will be Phased in gradually until 2020, next time your child grows out of their current Uniform please Buy the New one)


To Find our Online Store simply type in:



Any B&W Printed Uniform and Dance Moms Uniform is available through Miss Nikki-please ask her for an order form or Download one from the bottom of this page, print it out & hand it to Miss Nikki or Miss Lauren with your payment (Please pay directly into Miss Nikki's Account)


We keep a stock of 2nd hand uniform which is on offer on the first Saturday of every Term, all donations go to The Eve Appeal for Ovarian Cancer.


Pointe Shoes Must be Fitted Correctly by an Expert at a Shop, we Recommend Cathy @

Goodie Two Shoes:

01788 567866/07771 535173
17 Albert St
Warwickshire CV21 2SD


Printed Uniform Available:

T.Shirts, Vest Tops, Over Head Hoodies, Zip Through Hoodies, Leggins, Varsity Jacket (B&W Or Purple & White) and Large Bags.


New Dance Moms Range:

We now have a New Range of Uniform inspired by the hugely popular TV show 'Dance Moms'. This includes Jackets, Leggings, Crop Tops & Leotards.


Hair for Classes & Exams:

We expect hair to be tied back and off the face for classes, buns for Ballet.


Exams: 1 Or 2 French Plaits for Tap/Street (Unless also taking a Ballet Exam in the same session where you will need a Ballet Bun for all Exams)

Gymnastic Dance: 1/2 French Plaits, if also taking a Ballet Exam in the same session this must be changed into a Bun

Ballet: Ballet Bun


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Printed Uniform Order Form
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