What do the Parents & Pupils think of Miss Nikki & The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance?


"The Kids deserve to be in London, I was blown away by their performances"

Comment from an Audience member at Annie, starring 8 NJA Pupils & Choreographed by Miss Nikki


"Just a quick note to say a huge congratulations to all at The Nikki Jay Academy of Dance, especially Nikki, for your 15th birthday. Nikki has been a friend of mine for many years and I'm incredibly proud of the success she has made of the school. I spent a brief time many years ago being taught by Nikki and have great memories of the fun we had.To all students. Be committed, focussed and hard working but most importantly have fun!"

Peter Howe-Past Pupil & West End Star! (Sam-Lord of the Rings, Micheal-Matilda)


"I have attended The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance since I was 4 years old, and I love it. I look forward to it every week, and Miss Nikki is a fantastic teacher. We all have so much fun, as well as working hard. I help on Saturdays with the younger pupils, and it’s the highlight of my week by far! Because of the experience I have had thanks to Miss Nikki, I now want to pursue a career working with children, as well as dancing."

Dani Dauvin-Pupil, Leamington Spa


"I wouldn't be who I am today if it were not for Miss Nikki, she has given me so much confidence as a performer and somehow got me through my Gr6 Ballet! She is so inspiring!"

Ash Spall-Past pupil now studying TV Production at Westminster Uni


"My sister & I have been attending The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance for quite a long time now & within that time we have taken 3 exams & performed in 3 shows which were amazing experiences! We go to classes every week & have so much fun! Miss Nikki is really enthusiastic about Dance & makes lessons enjoyable as well as learning loads of new dance routines & exercizes. Before I had joined NJA I only thought of dance as a hobby, but with Miss Nikki's support & Brilliant classes I am determind to go into a dance career! Thank you for being the best teacher ever!"

Katy Cant-Pupil, Leamington Spa


"I have been a pupil at The Nikiki Jay Academy Of Dance since I was 6........I am now 23! I have enjoyed learning Ballet Tap and Street over the years and love being involved in the fantastic shows Miss Nikki choreographs for us! Thanks to Miss Nikki's encouragement and support I am now a member of the LWMS where I took part in their last show 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'! Miss Nikki is a wonderful teacher with a great sence of humour and is passionate about everything she does"

Jodie Sudlow-Pupil, Leamington Spa


"I have been at The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance for 8yrs now and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There is a nice friendly atmosphere and (even though she pushes us hard) Miss Nikki is the best dance teacher anyone could ask for! Fridays and Saturdays are my favourite days as that is when I have my dance lessons. Thanks Miss Nikki!"

Charlotte Bolt-Pupil, Leamington Spa


"Our girls enjoy their dance classes very much. Seeing them progress and taking part in shows is such a wonderful thing. They love being part of the classes and look forward to coming every week."

Mrs Robertson-Parent  of 3 pupils


"I have been studying all subjects at The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance since the age of 3yrs and I really enjoy it! Everyone is very nice and I have made some great friends! I have fun in my lessons aswell as working hard!"

Olivia Kane-Pupil, Leamington Spa


"I like coming to Ballet-the music is lovely!"

Alice Robertson-Pupil aged 3yrs



"I like Ballet very very much, but my favourite is Tap! I love the groovy music and the sounds my shoes make on the floor! Miss Nikki is a really nice Teacher and her and Dani make it good fun!"

Anna Robertson-Pupil aged 5yrs