Our Weekly Dance Classes....


@ St Joseph's Church Hall, Murcott Road East, Whitnash.

5pm Junior Street & Grade 1 Tap  (Alternate Weeks) 

5.30pm Grade 2 Ballet 

6pm Private Lesson 

6.30pm Adult Tap 

7.30pm Adult Ballet

(With Miss Nikki) 

8.30-9.30pm Adult DDMIX

(With Suzy Rawlings)



@ St Joseph's Church Hall, Murcott Road East, Whitnash (With Miss Nikki)

4.15pm Private Lesson 

5pm Private Lesson 

5.45pm Grade 4&5 Ballet

6.15pm Gifted & Talented

(Invite Only Class) 

7-7.30pm Senior Street/Grade 4 Tap (Alternate Weeks)



@ The NEW Civic Centre, Acre Close, Whitnash  

(With Miss Nikki & Assistant Isabella Jenkin)

9am Baby Ballet! (2-4yrs) 

9.30am NEW! Poppets! (Street & Tap From 4yrs) 

10am  Preparatory Ballet (From 4yrs) 

10.30am Pop Tots! (street From 6yrs) 

11am Grade 1 Ballet 

11.30am-12 Noon Primary Tap 



T's & C's!


Every New Pupil will get a FREE TRIAL for every subject they wish to try!

Fees are payable Termly at £4.50 per 30min Class, G&T £6.50 & All Adult Classes £7 (Do All 3 Adult classes for Just £6 Per Class). 
Fees are Due in full by the 2nd Saturday of the Term, if they are not paid in full by then you will recieve 1 Reminder only & we can Refuse to teach your child/you until Payment has been made in full.

Please Note: Once a Term has been paid for there are No Refunds for Any Reason!

Should your child wish to discontinue any class then one Terms Advanced Notice is Required please. 

Appearence & Behaviour: 

All Pupils must be Dressed Appropriately for each class in Correct NJA Uniform,with their Hair off their Face. 

If the Principal considers a Pupils Behaviour to be Unacceptable she has the Right to Ask them to Leave. 


Whilst every effort is made to monitor the coming and going of our younger Pupils it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are there on time to collect them from class.