IDTA Ballet,Tap,Street,Adult Tap,Ballet & Gifted & Talented!

At The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance we offer Classes in IDTA (The International Dance Teachers Association-one of the top 3 Dance boards in the World) Ballet, Tap, Street,  Adult Ballet & Gifted & Talented!


Ballet: We start young pupils with classical Ballet before they study any other subject, much younger than most Dance Schools in the Warwickshire Area. Ballet is the core of all dance and very important. We go from Baby Ballet where 2-4yr old Toddlers learn all the basics in a fun way, to Senior Ballet and Pointe classes & Progressing Ballet Tecnique.


Tap: Tap can be learnt from the age of 4yrs and is a fun way to learn rhythms and encourages Boys to dance! We go from Poppets! where we love to make a noise in our shoes to Adult Tap where we keep fit, have fun and forge friendships all in one class!


Street: AKA Modern/disco/freestyle, a fun class where we stretch, keep fit and learn fun routines to pop music, we take medal tests in this subject. A very popular class!


Adult Classes:  Our Adult Classes are  fun Social classes to keep fit at the same time as learning and improving, Our Pupils have become firm friends over the years having regular social events and take part in Exam Sessions and Shows along with the Children! Dance is good for the brain, the body-if you're watching your weight or want to remain supple as your joints grow stiffer.


Gifted & talented: 

An Invite Only Class where Pupils who are considered Gifted or Talented (or both!) can be pushed to Achieve more and are given Extra Opportunities!