IDTA Exams & Shows!

At The Nikki Jay Academy Of Dance we pride ourselves on offering All Pupils Experience in both Examinations and Performing on Stage. We alternate each year between Exam Sesisons with the IDTA and Academy Shows. Our Shows are run as professionally as possible with lighting and programmes, an interval and Finale!


We held two very successful IDTA Exam Sessions in 2016, the first in July where the whole Academy took at least one Exam and everyone Acheived Merit or Distinction and our second was in December where we entered our first ever group of Intermediate Ballets! This is a professional Exam and we entered 4 girls we've taught since they were little. They worked extremely hard over the year with extra coaching during the holidays and I'm thrilled to say it all paid off as they acheived fantastic marks of between 81-85, two Merits and two Distinctions! We are extremely proud of them and of retaining our 100% Pass Rate with one of the worlds top three boards, the IDTA! 


We have just put on our latest show & what a special one it was! 'Flashback' saw us celebrate our 20th Anniversary by Flashing back to the year it all began 1997! It was held during the first weekend of July 2017 @ The Kingsley School & local Radio Celebs JD 

& Producer Paul from Free Radio added with secret ingredient by doing us a hilarious voiceover to turn it into a radio show! It was a huge success and we are so very proud of every single pupil who took part! 


Since then and under very difficult circumstances, my Pupils have gone on to amaze me yet again by acheiving Merits & Distinctions in both our July & December 2018 Exam Sessions! Huge Conhrats to you all! 


We commence work on our upcoming Show ‘Encore’ in February, 2019 marks our 22nd year!



Other Recent Acheivements:


Pupil Katy Cant has recently been accepted into Laban Concervatoire of Music & Dance in London & pupil Cate Johannessen has been accepted into Acting school East 15! T

We are incredibly proud of their huge achievements! 


Some of our Adult Taps appeared in one of  LWMS most sucsessful shows 'Singing in the Rain' in 202016. This was held at the Spa Centre in April and had many rave reviews including people mistaking it for a Professional Touring Show! Miss Nikki Choreographed it and was immensely proud of the amount of improvement her pupils showed during tap classes in the 6 months before the show, some took leads in the production and were stunning!

Here is just a small part of one of our Reviews:

"But the crowning glory in this show (aside from the fantastic orchestra under the direction of Alastair Evans) was the exhilarating Choreography. Nikki Shurvinton did not miss a trick in the carefully executed dance extravaganza, staying true to the original,one of the shining moments came in Good Morning and the Finale of Singing in the Rain, as the entire ensamble took to the stage in an epic Tap Routine!"


Miss Nikki likes to offer her pupils as many opportunities to Perform on satge and gain experience in Auditions, the latest of these was held on the 22nd September 2014 where 8 NJA Pupils Auditioned for 'Annie' the Musical! Miss Nikki was increadibly Proud of how they performed and behaved during this very long day! 

The show ran for a week at The Royal Spa Centre just before Easter and was a Huge Succsess, Miss Nikki (as the Choreographer) was increadibly Proud of the Entire Cast but Especially The Orphans and the 8 NJA Pupils who had various roles!


Using rather a quaint phrase, the programme proclaims: “Leamington & Warwick Musical Society Proudly Presents The Musical Annie”.

Judging from this performance, they have plenty to be proud of.

You know you’re in safe hands from the outset. Long-time watchers of theatre in these parts will be reassured by the involvement names like Shurvinton (choreographer Nikki and actor Graham) and Duckham (director Stephen).

But what lays to rest any fear that this may be a rather cloying, sentimental evening is the striking performance of the orphan girls, who were the outstanding members of a gifted cast. From the outset, they understand the show’s requirement for edge, aggression, energy and attitude: an early, almost violent Hard-Knock Life is one of the undoubted highlights of the night. Their New York accents too were remarkably strong.